Alhamdulillah, well done & congratulations to the Design2u Studio team. You guys are awesome!! Dateline given is very short, but you are very proactive. One quality and solid job.. Congratulations again!!
Alhamdulillah, today the team conducted a website submission session of the National Senior Citizen Development Association, Malaysia (NEDA) Thanks to National President, Dr. Mohd Fadzil Bin Harun and National Vice President, Professor Madya Dr. Rosnah Binti Sutan for the trust given.
This website also plays a role in helping committee members involved as well as senior citizens who registered their membership, to sell their products & services on the platform provided on this website.
To ensure this planning goes well, the involved parties will make changes & improvements from time to time. All the best will be implemented to ensure this platform can move as the best online ′′ one stop centre ′′ for senior citizens and those involved in the future.
Website Promote You 24/7 ; No Employee Will Do That.

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